Treating Infertility Using Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Treating Infertility Using Laparoscopic Myomectomy

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When a couple seeks fertility treatment, fertility expert Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar examines both the partners to determine the exact cause of infertility. While the man is examined for male factor infertility, the woman is tested to ensure whether her hormone levels, egg reserve, and reproductive organs are normal. One of the reasons why a woman might be unable to conceive is the presence of fibroids in her uterus. If the doctor suspects that this is the case, she will recommend laparoscopic myomectomy.


The laparoscope is a fiber optic cable that is introduced into the pelvic cavity and carries a camera, cold light source, and surgical tools. This is used by the surgeon to view the internal organs without having to make a larger incision.

Laparoscopic Myomectomy

When a woman has a large fibroid in her uterus and is unable to conceive, the doctor might recommend myomectomy or the removal of the fibroids to increase the chances of conception. In order to reduce the pain of the patient and speed up healing time, this procedure is performed using a laparoscope at Ruby hall Clinic, Pune. In this procedure the surgeon makes one or two small, key hole incisions on the abdomen of the patient and inserts the laparoscope through these incisions to reach the uterus and remove the fibroids. The incisions are between half and one and half centimeters long.


The major advantage of a laparoscopic myomectomy are faster healing for the patient, less risk of infections as the incision is small and the internal organs are not exposed, and lesser need for pain killers. Since it is done through key hole incision, the chances of adhesion formation (sticking of internal organs which may compromise fertility) is minimised. As the incisions are small and the procedure is less painful, patients can return home the same day. This is convenient and reduced the expenses related to hospital stay.

Surgical Skill

A laparoscopic myomectomy should only be performed by a skilled surgeon as the surgeon has limited mobility inside the patient’s body and the end points of the laparoscope move in a direction opposite to the surgeon’s hands. This makes the process more skillful as the surgeon is unable to feel or palpate the internal organs. However an expert surgeon will be able to perform the myomectomy successfully after having studied the position of the fibroids using the ultrasound reports.

Women who are unable to conceive because of the presence of fibroids in their uterus can have a laparoscopic myomectomy performed and return home the same day, ensuring their privacy and comfort. As the healing process is faster and there are no large incisions, the woman can hope to resume normal activities sooner and stay healthy enough to conceive soon. The patient also enjoys the benefit of not having a large scar across her abdomen when she opts for laparoscopic myomectomy.


The state of the art IVF Endoscopy Centre at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune is ideal for such Laparoscopic Myomectomies by eminent endoscopist Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar.

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