Testicular Biopsy

Testicular Biopsy

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Infertility is one of the major issues facing modern day couples with their busy and stressful schedule along with inappropriate exposure to vulnerable and polluted surroundings and lifestyle. According to WHO, male infertility is on a rise with the rise in contamination of human standards of living. A thorough history, physical examination and basic semen analysis may lead us to the cause of infertility.

Azoospermia is a medical condition in which a male does not have sperms at all in his semen and thus is unable to start a family with his partner. It can be referred to as the infertility in the males.

Testicular biopsy is a procedure where a small amount of testicular tissue is removed and analyzed for the presence of sperms. Testicular biopsy is indicated in the following situations:

  • Sperms are not present in the semen
  • Hormone tests are not corroborative of any testicular failure or defect. Testicular biopsy is of two kinds:
1. Open biopsy :

In open biopsy, the testicle skin is cleansed with antiseptic and covered with a towel. After administering anesthesia locally, the doctor will make a small incision through the skin.

  • A really small portion of the testicular tissue will be removed.
  • No pain is felt in this procedure.
  • It is then stitched back.
  • You may or may not get the stitch removed later.
  • The same technique is done on the second testicle.
The sample obtained is checked for the presence of sperms.

2. Needle biopsy( testicular sperm aspiration)/ TESA

In TESA, the patient is accorded anaesthesia and then a super-fine needle is inserted into the testicles and some tubules are removed from there. These tubules are hoped to contain sperm and to confirm this fact, the services of a laboratory are pressed into action. The fluid obtained from the procedure is tested and then it is determined if it contains sperms or not. In case, they are completely absent, then the patient is said to suffer from Azoospermia. However, in the cases where sperms are present then they can be harvested to be used in in-vitro fertilization or can even be frozen to be used in the later years for having a baby.

Any risks involved?

A testicular biopsy is very helpful to know if you are infertile or not. It has absolutely no risk at all. Although, there might be a possibility of an infection or bleeding for a long time after the procedure has been completed. It is pretty rare though. If you have swelling or rashes near your scrotum, timely advice from the doctor is encouraged. In some cases, fever and chills might also be experienced. The risks involved are not much severe if compared to the severe disability which can be caused if the issue isn’t sorted out within the time and with the growing age of the subject.

The result?

So once you have undergone this procedure, the tissue is taken and processed for analysis. In case it contains any abnormalities, they are recorded and noted. Sometimes, blockage is also observed. Depending on site or severity of blockage, it can be corrected by surgery .If blockage is not correctable, these surgically harvested sperms can be used for assisted conception. Positive results are surely supposed to give a man a pleasure of being a Father to a biological child of his own with his partner.

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