Surrogacy Centers in India

Choosing Surrogacy Centers in India

One of the prominent surrogacy centers in India, Ruby Hall Clinic offers complete male and female infertility treatment options.

Ruby Hall Clinic and IVF-Endoscopy Center in Pune is committed to providing a helping hand with modern technology to infertile couples across the country. This well-established center has many years of enriching experience and has achieved some amazing results in infertility treatment. The Center was established by Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, a stalwart in the fields of IVF and advanced endoscopy surgeries in the country. Widely recognized for its IVF, endoscopic surgery and surrogacy program, Ruby Hall Clinic is one of the best surrogacy centers in India.

What is surrogacy?

One of the ways to counter infertility is with the help of surrogacy centers in India. Third party reproduction offered by Ruby Hall Clinic and Dr. Tandulwadkar covers the whole gamut of donor programs and surrogacy. In donor programs, the eggs, sperm or embryos used in fertilization are donated by screened and accepted donors.

Simple defined, surrogacy is the process wherein another woman carries the child of an infertile couple to term. The gestational carrier or surrogate agrees to hand over the child to the couple as soon as the child is born.

Are there any legal issues?

Surrogacy and the use of surrogacy centers in India is completely legal and sanctioned by the law. The gestational carrier or surrogate agrees to give up any legal rights on the child before the pregnancy. The receiving party has to consent for the same and also agree to carry all legal rights on the child born out of a surrogacy or third party reproductive program. The legal contract has to be agreed upon by the couple and the surrogate.

Why choose surrogacy centers in India?

There are many people who may choose to approach surrogacy centers.

  • Women who have an absent uterus.
  • Women who have a diseased uterus.
  • Women who have had their uterus surgically removed.
  • Women who have medical diseases like certain heart problems, renal diseases, or uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. In such situations, it is not possible for them to take the load of pregnancy.

Even in these situations, you might be advised about your options by your infertility specialist. It is important to consult with Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar who will be able to guide you after a consultation.

A child adds infinite happiness to your life. There is a lot at stake in such a situation. It is best to get all your questions answered and get thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Tandulwadkar before you arrive at any decision pertaining to your fertility options. Contact her today.

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