Pre- Congress Workshops

Pre- Congress Workshops

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29th January 2009:

Andrology/ IUI Hands-on training workshop:

This was a full day workshop organized at Ruby Hall Clinic comprised of 3 International Faculty and 6 national faculties.

The workshop aimed at better understanding of the sperms and thereby aiding in selection of better treatment modality for male factor infertility couples. The workshop also aimed at helping the delegates fine-tune their skills to achieve better success rate following IUI. The hands-on training in sperm processing techniques followed the lecture series. This training aimed at practical demonstration & training of the delegates to improvise the quality & quantity of sperms to be instilled during the IUI technique.Sperm morphology test be Dr Daniel was quiet interesting for all.

Hysteroscopy workshop

This half-day workshop was organized at the Gupte Hospital &Center for Research in Reproduction in the pre-lunch session .The workshop was well attended and the tips given by Dr Nozer Sheriar and Dr Shyam Desai were appreciated by all.

Laparoscopy workshop:

The Hysteroscopy workshop was followed by the Laparoscopy workshop at Armed Forces Medical College (A.F.M.C.).There was live demonstration of cases ( myomectomy, tubo-tubal anastomosis, adnexal masses) from two operation thetres.

30th January 2009:

ISAR-IFFS workshop: "Trouble shooting in ART: Clinician's Perspective"

This workshop was held at Le Meridian and proved to be a day long fiesta of scientific deliberations and practical video discussions wherein prominent International faculty viz. Prof Tugas Tulandi, Dr Ian Cooke, Prof Gab Covacs, Dr Pun Ting Chung along with eminent National faculty including Dr. Sadhana Desai (President ISAR 2008-2010) shared their vast experiences with the Gynecologists.

Embryology workshop: Cutting Edge Technologies For ART

The workshop was designed for the Embryologists aspiring to learn the latest technologies in the field. Myriad of experts were segregated between the IVF laboratory and the auditorium. The International Faculty namely Dr Regina Klose, Dr Daniel Franken, Dr Ashok Agarwal, Dr Enver Dirican along with esteem National Faculty worked in complete co-ordination under the leadership of the workshop Conveners- Dr Vijay Mangoli and Mrs Sonal Vaidya.

The workshop was a fine blend of theoretical information followed by practical LIVE DEMONSTRATION of ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching & sperm immobilization using laser system as well as real time visualization of meiotic spindle to assess oocyte maturity. The workshop also witness the FIRST TIME EVER IN INDIA LIVE DEMONSTRATION OF IMSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection) at the magnification of 7,200 X.

This was followed by Live demonstration of CASA (Computer Aided Sperm Analysis)

The workshop was totally focused on improvising ICSI results using digital image enhancement of egg and sperm.

Ultrasound workshop:

A full day workshop was organized at the Gupte Hospital & Center for Research in Reproduction.

This workshop was designed for the sonologists and infertility specialists and aimed at better understanding of importance of ultrasound in infertility.

Main Congress:

With a two day exhaustive schedule of interesting practical discussions and live demonstrations followed the Main Congress, organized at the Le Meridian.

The sessions scheduled for 2 days of the Congress included the various aspects of infertility in depth. The two halls ere designed in such a manner that hall A was catering to the ART Consultants and Hall B was of interest to gynecologists practicing upto IUI level. There was 100% attendance even in Hall B. The debates, panel discussions, symposiums, guest lectures and the time allotted after each talk for question- answer encouraged the delegates to interact freely with the Faculty.

The Merck- Serona Oration on 31st January was by Prof. Togas Tulandi on 'Changing concepts in fertility management' and the ISAR oration was held on 1st February by Prof. Gab Covacs on 'Ovulation stimulation in IVF'.

The esteemed Faculty ensured that the delegates received the latest update on the topic along with valuable carry home messages.

The Inauguration was a grand event. The Chief Guest was Dr C N Purandare and the Guest of Honour was Dr R P Soonawala. The honourable Health Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Rajesh tope, could not attend the ceremony because of demise of Dr Venkatraman. The felicitation of International Faculty with Puneri Pagadi and traditional stole was enjoyed by all. The graceful dance by Miss Maithili Bokil, daughter of our own team member was a point of attraction.

A lucky draw of the delegates attending the Embryology workshop was also announced and the winner received a Free ART training in Germany.

Cultural evenings:

ISAR 2009 hosted grand evenings to one & all on all 3 days of the Congress. On the 29th January 2009, the delegates and Faculty had a fun filled time with the comedian Dr Tushar Shah creating a very jovial mood at the Poona Club.

The Banquet was arranged on the 30th January 2009 at the Pancard Club. It proved to be a vibrant evening with spectacular dance performances & visuals by Subhash Dang, choreographer of International fame and YTA troupe.

On the 31st January 2009, everybody gathered at the Area 51 of Pancard Club, which is Asia's largest discotheque. Needless to say, everyone shed off their inhibitions and spent a gala evening. The entry of ISAR President, Dr Sadhana Desai in Area 51 was the glory of attraction.

The scientific exhibition was organized and for the first time, a virtual ART lab was set-up in the midst of it. All the traders were happy with the response.

Because of the over-enthusiasm, the Free Paper timing was extended while the posters were exhibited in the scientific exhibition area. Each of the participants was presented with the gold plated silver medal and the 3 best papers and posters were awarded a silver plaque.

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