Parenting and Pregnancy Advice for Moms and Dads

Parenting and Pregnancy Advice for Moms and Dads

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Getting pregnant can be an exciting time for new parents. But it can also be an extremely overwhelming time, especially for first-time parents. Becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding things in a person’s life, but like everything else, parenting too can come with its own set of challenges. New parents or expectant parents are bound to have a million questions on their lips and a billion thoughts racing in their mind.

At times likes these, it is best to seek the advice of a professional, like Dr. Sunita Tandulwadlkar, an expert in infertility and laparoscopic procedures. She is also an esteemed gynecologist who has been practising for over two decades and has spoken at several international conferences on gynecology, infertility and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Tandulwadkar has been instrumental in starting the Fertility & Endoscopy Center at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, one of the highly specialized facilities in the country that offer state-of-the-art fertility and assisted reproductive treatments. She offers expert advice on pregnancy and parenting.

Pregnancy & Parenting Advice for Moms

Pregnancy is a very delicate time for a woman, when her body is experiencing all sorts of changes. It is important for a woman to take good care of herself so that they may feel great during their pregnancy and increase their chances of having a healthy, baby. Moms should eat at least five or six well-balanced meals everyday and take a prenatal vitamin as suggested to them by their obstetrician. They must drink a lot of water, around 8 to 10 glasses every day, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. She must sleep well, exercise moderately, as advised by them obstetrician, and take it easy. Every month will pose its own set of challenges to an expectant mother. But with a sunny disposition and an expert obstetrician such as Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, there is no mountain high enough.

Pregnancy & Parenting Advice for Dads

Dads can help out in their own special way during their wives pregnancy. It helps to be attentive, kind, caring and considerate towards their pregnant wives. A father can share equal responsibilities in a pregnancy as a mother. While dads may not be able to relate to the swelling ankles, growing belly, and tiny kicks from within, that women experience during pregnancy, they can partake in many other aspects that are equally rewarding and supportive. Empathizing (without overdoing it) and just being present for their partner’s prenatal care appointments are great first steps to take for expectant dads. A pregnant woman is bound to suffer from mood swings. But with a good sense of humor, dads can diffuse the situation in no time. Expectant dads should also be prepared for midnight cravings. To-be fathers can read up on what to expect during each new month so that they may be prepared. They could even consult their obstetrician like Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, who will be able to give them more focused advice on their partner’s pregnancy.

Once the baby comes, there is a new set of challenges to overcome. At this time, both mom and dad should join forces to bring their own strengths to the table. Most importantly, both mom and dad should enjoy this amazing time together and revel in the priceless gift that has been bestowed upon them.

For any other advice or for answers to any specific pregnancy related questions you may have, you can contact Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, who will be able to give you detailed answers to your queries.


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