Obesity & Infertility

Obesity & Infertility

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You want to get pregnant but are not being able to do so? You must know that being overweight will not enable you to do so. If you are overweight and planning to get pregnant in the next year or few years, draft a healthy eating plan and a workout chart for yourself. Shed that extra weight. Obesity leads to ovulation problems and it is a known fact. Not only does obesity make it much more difficult to conceive but it also exposes both the mother and the infant to all sorts of risks if conception occurs.

And naturally, you wouldn't want the apple of your eye to have any kind of medical issues at birth which can arise due to you being obese. Hence, it is imperative to shed those extra flab at the earliest if you are planning to get pregnant and having a healthy child.

Another major problem is that sometimes when women plan on starting a family, then they start eating up for two even before they conceive thinking that the extra nutrients and vitamins would be good for the baby in the longer run. However, it is not so, as the extra kilos that you pile on can actually hamper your chances of getting pregnant.

The risk of major diseases is so much more in overweight women and if you are obese, please consult a doctor right now. Overweight women get gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), hypertension too easily. This is a very disturbing fact now. A woman who is obese will also have a greater chance of miscarrying the baby as compared to a healthy woman. There is a risk that the baby may be large or too small. Baby may also develop childhood obesity and tendency to develop diabetes.

During the delivery time, if the mother is obese then there is a good chance that she may fail to have a normal delivery due abnormalities of the labour and associated complications like diabetes, hypertension, large babies. Hence, they may end up having Cesarean section which itself is associated with morbidity.

Even obesity in men can lead to the inability to have a child. Obesity in men lead to impaired semen quality, fertility among obese men may be affected by decreased libido. So its not just women, men need to shed those extra kilos too, if they are thinking of starting a family with their partner. Generally men are misinformed about this fact and they think that they don't need to be in shape, if they are planning to start a family.

More attention should be paid to the impact of obesity on fertility in both women and men. This appears to be particularly important for women before assisted reproductive technologies are used. If the couple decides to go for infertility treatment, this extra weight problem will come in between even then. So do think about getting in shape before marriage and follow that routine for lifelong to enjoy blissful existence. A fit and healthy couple has better chances of delivering a healthy baby without any complications. As past studies indicate, obesity can lead to several reproductive complications in males and females. An infertility expert will take all your health factors into consideration and suggest the best possible method to conceive a healthy baby. This might also include shedding those extra kilos. To know more about how obese couples can conceive successfully in a hassle free manner, contact us today.

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