Meal for two: Nutrition in pregnancy

Meal for two: Nutrition in pregnancy

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Pregnancy nutrition is one of the most essential thing for the health and wellness of your baby .Dr Tandulwadkar says a well balanced diet is the best gift you can give to your baby in utero. She says nutritious diet during pregnancy help to establish essential building blocks of growth and overall health of your child. Healthy diet during pregnancy will give your baby a head start in life. This is the reason that dietary counseling is the most important part of her treatment plan for all pregnant women. She believes that pregnancy is a physiological process & the role of obstetrician should be limited to keeping a close watch & intervening only when there is deviation from what is expected through deft guidance.

According to her it is a myth that if you are pregnant you need to eat for two. In fact though it is true that your nutrient needs increases in pregnancy ,but calories requirement are increased by 300 calories only. Your baby needs healthy food that is packed with nutrition not with empty calories as present in cold drinks, sweets , icecreams & other junk food. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will land you in complications like gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. A pregnant woman should gain weight gradually and only 3-4 pounds per month only to prevent complications.

Dr Tandulwadkar says 40 weeks of pregnancy are magical time. Keeping healthy life style throughout, before and after pregnancy as well is key to have complication free antenatal period and a healthy baby. She says important steps to a healthy pregnancy include eating balanced diet, gaining the right amount of weight, enjoying regular physical activity and taking vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed by your doctor. Moms to be should have a balanced diet with a variety of foods which can provide with enough nutrients for pregnancy. Safe food practices are also important, since pregnant women are at high risk for of food borne illness. So pregnant females should eat homemade fresh food. Pregnant women need a balanced diet including.

Fruits and vegetables: Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables daily.They should be well washed.

Whole grains: Cereals , brown rice,jawar.

Low fat or fat free dairy products: Skimmed milk, cheese, yoghurt.

Pulses in form of sprouts and cooked pulses with major meals

Lean meat, chicken preferably grilled and non spicy.

Dry fruits: Almonds, walnuts, fig, dates, raisins .

Only cashew should be avoided as they are source of bad cholesterol.

Avoid extra calories from added sugars and fat. Say no to junk food ,sweets ,cold drinks and fried snacks they give you only empty calories no nutrition.

A healthy diet goes a long way in a successful complication free pregnancy & a joyful motherhood with a healthy baby having a solid foundation for a healthy adulthood.

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