Male Infertility in India

Basics of Male Infertility in India

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to have a child/become pregnant even after one year of regular and unprotected intercourse. There are many cases of female and male infertility in India. Male infertility means that the male is unable to impregnate the female partner owing to male infertility factors. Ruby Hall Clinic and Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar are committed to providing a wide range of male and female infertility treatment options under one roof.

Dealing with male infertility in India is not an easy prospect. In order to better understand the causes and possible solutions, let’s have a look at a few fundamentals.

Causes of Male Infertility

There could be many causes of male infertility. Most of the problems stem from the process of producing or moving the sperm.

  • Varicocele is a correctable male infertility problem in which an abnormal bundle of bulging veins collect above the testicle.
  • Undescended testicle
  • Infection in the testicle or prostate gland
  • Chemotherapy or radiation for cancer
  • Certain medicines
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Hormonal problems
  • Absence of sperm in semen due to block in transport system

In order to know the exact cause of male infertility and the best treatment option, it is important to consult with Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar. After consultation, you may find that one or more treatment methods may be applicable to you.

Treatment Options for Male Infertility in India

Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar is a pioneer in the field of advanced endoscopic surgeries and IVF treatment in India. Under her expert guidance, Ruby Hall Clinic is dedicated to providing expert care and solutions to male infertility problems in India. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy: An expert at performing this Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery, Dr. Tandulwadkar and her team have successfully repaired varicocele with surgery.
  • IVF: In Vitro Fertilization is one of the Assisted Reproductive technologies (ART) in which washed sperms are introduced to cultured eggs outside the body/in vitro, and fertilization is allowed to occur naturally. The created embryos are transferred to the female partner’s uterus where implantation and pregnancy is to take place. In this case, a certain amount of viable sperm are needed.
  • ICSI: In Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a highly specialized treatment option for male infertility in India. In this procedure, a single screened sperm is directly injected into one egg to create an embryo. This procedure is a good option when sperms are extremely low in count or have poor motility.
  • TESA/PESA: Testicular sperm aspiration/percutaneous epidiymal sperm aspiration techniques to retrieve sperms in cases of no sperm in semen due to block in the transport system

Depending on the situation, one or more ART may be combined to get the desired results – a pregnancy!

Dr. Tandulwadkar has been practicing advanced endoscopy and infertility treatments for over two decades now. Through her dedicated efforts, hard work and sheer brilliance, many infertile couples have added happiness in the form of a child to their lives. Understanding your infertility problem and evaluating treatment options is of utmost importance to find the option that will best suit your requirements. You can speak with Dr. Tandulwadkar herself, and schedule a consultation and evaluation today.

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