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Lifestyle & infertility

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In the past decade, it has become obvious that our lifestyle has started to influence fertility to a great extent. Pregnancy is a physiological event which occurs spontaneously only when couples are in sound mental and physical health. For being pregnant, you need to adhere to a good and healthy lifestyle, only then will you be able to achieve a healthy pregnancy. The effects of modern lifestyle like smoking and dieting and sedentary habits are proving to be important factors affecting the fertility of men and women, and can also impact the fertility of their children.

Infertility is often mistaken to be an adult problem as this is when we come to face with it. However, lifestyle has an effect on fertility from a much earlier time in life, commonly during foetal development. Our exposure to many different or the lack of it often leads to the onset of infertility from a younger age itself.

Let us have a look on the various lifestyle factors that lead to the onset of infertility:
  1. Delays of fertility - Couples are postponing the decision to start a family because of their ambitious careers and also too many contraception options available these days. Unfortunately, fertility decreases with ages of the male as well as the female, more drastically in case of females. So, it is good to plan pregnancy when age is on your side.
  2. Personal habits - Smoking, alcohol and caffeine can literally destroy your libido. Even passive smoking is injurious for health. Our lifestyle habits are one of the main culprits of infertility and the sad part is that we take them very lightly. These personal habits need to be fixed in order to have a shot at having a loving family.
  3. Exercising habits–The fertility quotient sees a gradual rise with exercise in both the male and female partners but excess of it doesn’t add to it. Things are good in moderation, so take out that time to exercise and be fit. In case you are obese, then it is very important that you shed off the extra kilos before you plan to start a family. Obesity and infertility go hand in hand, hence it is very important to bid adieu to those extra kilos goodbye. A good idea would be to consult a dietician in case you need professional help to knock out those extra pounds.
  4. Sexual dysfunctions - Having no time for your partner might lead you both to drift apart and hence, you cannot just decide one day to try having a family. It is important to maintain regular sexual relations with your spouse to acheive pregnancy.
  5. Stress – Who does not have stress these days? And not less, a whole lot of it. But did you know that stress is known to have an adverse effect on you due to constriction of blood flow to the pelvic organs. Hence, making it almost impossible for you to have a baby. Unfortunately, these days the professional life is so hectic and full of tension that the stress levels are at an all time high.

Take a breather and do not make life to be so hard on yourself. Have a baby at the right time, as it will save the three of you the toughness and difficult path of having a baby at a later stage in life.

And, in case you happen to see these signs early enough in your marriage, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately to avoid grim situations. Remember prevention is better than cure, so get help early on to increase your chances of having a baby and living a joyful life with your family!

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