Infertility Tests for Men and Women

Infertility Tests for Men and Women

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Couples who are unable to conceive even after a year of unprotected regular intercourse are definitely considered to have infertility issues. In India, about 15% of couples suffer from infertility issues. Fortunately, Ruby Hall Clinic provides advanced infertility tests for men and women, which can determine the exact cause of infertility. Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar who heads this clinic has decades of experience in tackling such issues and in prescribing the required treatment plan that can ensure the best chance of conception.

Why Infertility Tests for Men and Women are required?

Infertility tests for men and women help in determining the fertility potential of the couple and root cause of the problem. Many couples are confused, when they are unable to conceive even after a year, and in India often the gemale partner is blamed for infertility. However, men and women are equally affected by infertility, and it is not only necessary to know which spouse is suffering from the problem, but also what factors are causing infertility.

Infertility Tests for Men

Fertility in a man is indicated by 1. His capacity to produce healthy sperm 2. His capacity to ejaculate such sperm effectively into the vagina of a woman 3. The capacity of the sperm to travel and fertilize the woman's egg Therefore, men's infertility tests are done to find out if any of these processes have issues. These tests include -

1) Analysis of Semen Sample of semen is collected by asking the man to ejaculate in a clean container. The semen specimen is then tested for seminal fluid and the sperm's health.

2) Ultrasound Testing of Scrotum. This type of ultrasound testing will reveal issues of obstruction of ejaculatory duct, varicocele, testis abnormalities.

3) Testing Hormonal Level Particular blood test will reveal if male hormones and testosterone levels are normal.

4) Biopsy of Testicles In this test, samples of the testicle are taken with a needle. The biopsy will reveal whether there is adequate production of sperm.

6) Genetic Testing This type of testing will reveal whether genetic defects is causing infertility.

Infertility Tests for Women

Fertility of a woman is indicated by - 1. Capacity of the ovaries to release healthy eggs 2. Condition of the reproductive tract that allows passing of the egg into the fallopian tubes and fertilization of the egg with the sperm 3. The condition of the lining where the fertilized egg is implanted Apart from general gynecological examination, the woman can expect the following infertility tests -

1) Hysterosalpingography This test helps in determining the condition of the fallopian tubes and the uterus.

2) Test of Ovulation Particular blood test will help in determining whether hormone levels are optimum.

3) Imaging Ultrasound of the pelvic region will detect diseases in the fallopian tubes and uterus, ovulation. Hysterosonography is done to get a detailed picture of the inside of the uterus.

4) Diagnostic laparohysteroscopy To determine and correct the cause of infertility in unexplained cases by visualizing the genetic organs under direct vision by minimally invasive laparoscpoic techniques.

If couples are experiencing issues in conceiving, then advanced infertility tests for men and women performed at Ruby Hall Clinic are sure way of knowing the root of the problem. Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, has helped hundreds of couples conceive with effective treatment plans. Contact the clinic today for an appointment for infertility testing.

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