Infertility: Facts about Treatments in Men and Women

Infertility: Facts about Treatments in Men and Women

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If a couple is unable to conceive despite having regular unprotected sex, one or both partners may be infertile. It may also be described as a biological inability of a person to contribute to conceiving, or may refer to a female who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

How Specialists Treat Infertility

Specific treatments for infertility are suggested by specialists based on a variety of factors such as:

  • The amount of time that the couple has been trying to get pregnant
  • Certain conclusive test results
  • The ages of both the woman and the man
  • Preference of the partners
  • The overall health of the partners
  • The medical history of the partners
Infertility Treatments for Women

Infertility treatments for women depend largely on what factors are responsible for causing the infertility in question. There are times when a definitive cause cannot be pinpointed. For women, there are three main categories of treatment for infertility:

  • Medicinal treatments to improve fertility

Infertile women may be advised to take certain medication that could help with ovulation. Ovulation is partly controlled by a hormone called gonadotrophin. Medicines such as clomifene, metformin, and others which contain the gonadotrophin hormone may be advised as a viable treatment for infertility in women. Women who are having trouble conceiving should consult with a specialist or a gynecologist before taking any such medication.

  • Surgical treatments

In some cases, infertile women may require surgery to amend the situation. These situations are as follows:

-          Endometriosis – A condition wherein cells from the inner lining of the uterus grows in other areas of the body.

-          Issues with fallopian tubes – Women suffering from infertility due to blocked fallopian tubes may benefit from surgical procedures, most of which are done by keyhole surgery.

-          Fibroids – Surgery to remove the offending fibroid may be an option if there are no other apparent causes for infertility. However, it is important to note that there is no conclusive evidence that points to fibroids causing infertility.

-          Polycystic ovary syndrome – Some women who have PCOS may benefit from an operation on the ovaries. These surgeries, also known as ovarian diathermy or ovarian drilling, are usually sought as an option when other treatments for PCOS have failed.

  • Assisted conception

There are a variety of options for assisted conception in women such as:

-          IVF – IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure where an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body of the woman. Usually couples that are facing unexplained infertility or infertility due to blocked Fallopian tubes go in for IVF treatments.

-          IUI – IUI or Intrauterine insemination is where sperm are placed into a woman's womb using a thin plastic tube, passed through the cervix into the womb. To increase the chance of ovulation, fertility medicines are usually administered before the procedure.

-          ICSI – ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a procedure wherein an individual sperm is injected directly into an egg. It is usually a preferred choice if the man suffers from a low sperm count.

  Treatment for Infertility In Men

Infertility in men is usually due to the following issues and may be treated by specialists in the following ways:

-          Insufficient sperm / low sperm count – There are some cases where surgery might be called for, yet others wherein the sperm is surgically removed from the male reproductive tract by doctors.

Sexual issues: Medicines or behavioral therapy may be suggested for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence issues.

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