IAGE 2011

IAGE 2011

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IAGE International Annual Conference 2011 Dates - 3rd, 4th & 5th June 2011,
Venue – Hotel Le Meridien, Pune,
Theme – Safe Endoscopy Keeping with the expectations from Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar being Organizing Chairperson, this conference proved to be a mega success again with involvement of 4 international faculties, more than 70 national faculties and 865 delegates across the country who enjoyed the feast of knowledge. On 3rd June there was Live Relay of amazing & innovative surgeries from operation theater of Ruby Hall Clinic to auditorium in Hotel Le Meridien. Delegates were happy not only to watch these surgeries but also with active interactions with surgeons while operating. Dr Jon Evar Einarsson, Dr Zurawin, Dr Theobald & Dr Sarah Cohen were the international operating faculties. On 4th & 5th June, there were scientific orations & presentations full of newer concepts, changing trends, demonstrations and sharing of experience between the delegates through panel discussions. Ultimately this international conference will not only be remembered as a mega event but also as a milestone in the endorsement of Safe Endoscopy.
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