Hysteroscopic Cannulation of Tubes

Hysteroscopic Cannulation of Tubes

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Tubal cannulation is a simple procedure that is used to clear blockage in the fallopian tubes which is more often than not a very common cause of female infertility. Almost 1 out of 4 women who have difficulty in getting pregnant have a blockage in their fallopian tubes.  Tubal cannulation is a very simple procedure and is minimally invasive as well. It is minimally invasive than fallopian tube surgery and it is more useful to correct the problem of infertility.

This is a relatively new method for treating the fallopian tube obstruction. This kind of blockage may occur due to mucus plugs or debris which holds the tubal lining. It is now possible to pass a fine guidewire through the hysteroscope into the tubes which help to remove the plug or debris. This will open up the tubes and restore the normal tubal patency with absolutely minimum surgery.

What is the procedure followed?
  • To start with, the doctor inserts a tube guided over a wire to the affected area under hysteroscopy guidance.
  • After that, the blocked area in the fallopian tube is opened using a balloon on the catheter.
  • After this, tubal cannulation is performed.
  • During this procedure, dye is flushed through the catheter to confirm patency of tubes.
  • Sedative may or may not be used during this procedure.
However, this procedure is not for every woman. You should definitely avoid hysteroscopic cannulation of tubes is case of the following situations:
  • There is extensive scarring in the fallopian tubes.
  • There is genital tuberculosis or any other active infections.
  • You have had a previous fallopian tube surgery.
  • There is a severe blockage that is difficult for a catheter to pass through
Are there any risks involved? Yes, most certainly there are some risks that can occur during or after this procedure is done.
  • There can be a total failure to restore the fallopian tube function.
  • Tearing of the fallopian tube wall may happen during the procedure which is very dangerous.
  • A life-threatening infection called Peritonitis might occur too if there is underlying infection or lack of strict asepsis.
What are the results that are helpful to overcome infertility?

Tubal cannulation helps to restore fertility in almost all women but there are known cases in which it may not be helpful. The unblocking of the fallopian tubes does not generally allow a woman to conceive. The ability to then bear a child depends upon specific procedure performed, location of the blockage and also the cause of the blockage. In simple cases of infertility, it is enough to get the procedure done and then go on to conceive naturally. However, in some extreme cases, even after the cannulation of the fallopian tubes, a woman might still not conceive. Then it is time to go to the doctor and check out the other medical issues causing infertility.

Remember the road to having a child is often wrought with dangers and a lot of medical issues. Don't get disheartened. Keep your optimism levels high and make ample use of the medical technology, which has evolved like anything in the last few decades. Compared to the past few years, now is a good time for infertile parents as they can take advantage of the medical advancement and solve their infertility issues. Time and patience are highly required when you are trying to conceive.


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