Fertility Facts You May Be Surprised to Know

Fertility Facts You May Be Surprised to Know

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Fertility is a topic that has been shrouded by mystery for a long time now. Here are a few interesting fertility facts that may surprise you.

Your ability to conceive depends on how much you weight

Weight is actually a major contributing factor to infertility, especially in women. A visit to one of the best infertility clinics in Pune will reveal that a woman’s body, if overweight or underweight will have difficulty getting pregnant naturally. An underweight woman’s menstruation will be affected by her malnourished weight as the human body needs at least 22 percent body fat to be able to ovulate and reproduce normally. Similarly, being overweight can result in a hormonal imbalance, which may also prevent conception. According to a top infertility consultant in Pune, a body mass index (BMI) between 19 and 25 is optimal to conceive naturally.

Men have a biological clock too

Women aren’t the only ones with a ticking biological clock; so are men. Recent studies in the matter have proven that age-related fertility decline isn’t just something that affects women, but as an equal impact on men too. Just like how women tend to be less fertile after the age of 35, men too struggle with fertility at the same age.

Just because you are healthy overall, it doesn’t mean that you are fertile

You may eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, avoid all vices and have low blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but that has almost no bearing on your fertility. While overall health does play a role in fertility, there are other more overbearing factors that may affect it. According to studies, one out of 10 healthy couples of reproductive age experience problems with fertility.

Fertility in healthy women peak when they are in their 20s and beings to nosedive at the age of 37. Women in their mid-30s or older should be focussed in their efforts of getting pregnant by checking when they are ovulating and having intercourse at that specific time. If women over the age of 35 fail to get pregnant naturally after repeated efforts, they should delay meeting with a top infertility consultant in India.

Certain sexual positions do not increase your chances of getting pregnant

When it comes to getting pregnant, there is no one sexual position that seems to hit the nail on the head. There are no studies to confirm that one sexual position is more effective than the next when it comes to getting pregnant. While maximum cervical contact and deepest penetration does make sense, it is important to note that every woman’s body is different and unique and there is no one rule to apply to all.

Your choice of birth control may impact your fertility

Conception may be impacted by a woman’s choice of contraception. Women who use progesterone injections as contraceptives may have to stop the drug and then wait until their menstrual and ovulation cycle as well as their fertility has resumed. This could take anywhere from six months to a year.

Women who take oral contraceptives regain their fertility faster than women who use other forms of contraception. Sometimes, when the pill is stopped, women may experience an extremely fertile period which results from an ovulatory rebound effect. Most experts however do recommend that patients go off the pill at least a few months before they are about to start planning to conceive.

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