Counselling of couple is a major factor in IVF‏

Counselling of couple is a major factor in IVF‏

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With the rising incidence of Infertility, more and more couples are opting for higher treatment modalities such as IVF.

Even though we, as Infertility specialists, are well versed with the nuances of this treatment modality, for the patient, it is the first time!

Hence, the patient 's mind is ridden with doubts and apprehension. How long would this procedure take? What is the success rate? How much expense would it incur? How many visits would I need to pay the clinic, and what exactly would the doctor be doing during each of these visits? Would it be painful? Do the medicines I need to take have any side effects? Does my husband have to accompany me on every visit or are there particular times when he might be required?

If one is opting for a treatment modality, it is extremely essential that they be comfortable with it-, which is only possible if one knows what exactly is going to be done.

This is where counseling comes in!

It is of utmost importance for the Doctor to give some time to the couple, explain the procedure in detail and address their queries. This not only helps build trust and a rapport, but also helps the couple plan other priorities in their lives like career or family commitments. Besides, it is the right of every patient to be informed of the treatment course. A good infertility centre has a team of specialists who would do the needful. Ideally, doctors should be able to talk to the patients, but in a few centres, there is also a specially designated counsellor to do the job.

Good counselling skills are indeed one of the stepping-stones of the success of your treatment!

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