Can We Make Surgery a Pleasant Experience?

Can We Make Surgery a Pleasant Experience?

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Mrs. Avani (name changed) was a 42 year old who suffered from severe bleeding and pain during her menses each month. Sonographic examination revealed her uterus to be studded with multiple fibroids- which made it as large as a 5 month pregnant uterus!


The only way to ease her misery was to remove the uterus, an operation commonly termed hysterectomy. Having never been hospitalized in her life, Avani was terrified! However, her worries were put to rest after she underwent a 3D laparoscopic hysterectomy. A few hours after the surgery, Avani walked to the bathroom by herself. The same evening, she was having her dinner her husband had so lovingly packed for her. The very next day, she was smiling as she was discharged from the hospital and sent home. A month after the surgery, she resumed her active lifestyle with not even the slightest discomfort!

At any age, the prospect of having to be put under the surgeon’s knife sends a shiver down one’s spine. Undergoing surgery is undoubtedly a physically and emotionally taxing experience.

However, technological advances and the surgeon’s skill have started working hand-in-hand in the present era in making this experience less stressful for the patients.

Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery is a minimally-invasive modality of surgery, in which the surgeon can enter the patient’s body cavity through a tiny incision, with the help of an instrument called the endoscope- which has a camera attached to its tip, visualize the pathology, and treat it through specialized instruments introduced through other tiny incisions (5mm to 1cm in size). Since the early 1990s, laparoscopic surgeries have evolved tremendously so as to optimize the patient’s safety and early recovery, apart from many other advantages like no scar, minimal or no bleeding etc. The 2D laparoscopy had its limitation in perception of depth and hence, the surgeon needed extensive training, skill and experience apart from good eye-hand co-ordination, since the surgeon views the monitor and operates on the patient. Three-dimensional (3D) laparoscopic visual systems have been developed to decrease the learning curve, and to augment the laparoscopic skills. 3D view provides excellent appreciation and approach to vital organs during surgery, greater precision and an enhanced high definition visualization of minute tissues, thus reducing the chances of injury and complications and has an added advantage when one operates in deeper cavity.

With advances in optics, the new HD (high definition) and 3D systems mimic the view of open surgery, thus minimizing operative time and morbidity of the patient.

The patients no longer carry long ugly scars on their abdomen- healing of the laparoscopy scars is not just easier but also cosmetically pleasing.

A wide range of gynaecological surgeries can be performed by this technology- ranging from ovarian cyst removal to removal of fibroids to even hysterectomy, for both non-cancerous or cancerous conditions.

Thus, surgery can now be an easier, speedier and safer option for the patient- making it less stressful, and a pleasant experience!

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