Papers and Publications:

Papers and Publications:

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  • Presented a paper at 19th Bombay Ob\Gy Conference in March 1991 on 'Computer Automated Analysis Of Sperm Motility In Migrated & Capacitated Fraction Of Sperm Prep'
  • Attended workshop & conference of World Congress Of Gyn.Endoscopy in 1993 Dec
  • Presented a paper in GPCON'97, Pune on 'Recent trends in management of Ectopic Pregnancy'
  • Presented a paper in annual meeting of Pune Ob\Gy Society in Oct 1997 on 'Laproscopic Management In Congenital Uterine Anomalies'
  • Attended workshop & conference of 'Frontiers Of Gyn. Endoscopy 1997' organised by State University U.S.A & Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, in Nov.1997. Also presented a paper on Operative Endoscopy in the same conference
  • Presented a paper on 'Laproscopic Hysterectomy-Our Experience' in annual meeting of Pune Ob\Gy Society in 1998 received best paper award for the same
  • Presented a paper on Operative Endoscopy in MASICON '98  at Solapur in Feb.98.
  • Presented a paper on 'Laproscopic Hysterectomy' in National Conference at Hyderabad in Dec 1998
  • Attended workshop 'Master Class In Advanced Laproscopic Surgery' conducted by Mr.Lyndsay McMillan at Lilavati Hospital in March 1999
  • Presented two papers in 1999 in AMOGS Conference on 'LAVH, My Experience & Laparoscopy in Twisted Ovarian Cysts'
  • Attended 'Endoscopy Beyond 2000' an international workshop & conference in Mumbai in 2001
  • Attended advanced seminar on 'Applied Urodynamics" at Pune (Maharashtra) in 2001 organised by Centre For Advanced Urodynamics, Pune
  • Has given several lectures in Infertility at various OBGY Societies & IMAS in Maharashtra
  • Has written a chapter on controversies in Laparoscopic Management Of Infertility, in an International Book published in June 2003
  • Has contributed a chapter on "Controversies In The Management Of Adnexal Masses Of Ovarian Origin" in a book, "Beyond The Boundaries" Published by Dr. Prakash Trivedi
  • Presented video on "Metroplasty In Unicornuate Uterus With Versapoint" and received Best Innovative Surgery Award In Yuva FOGSI 2005
  • Has contributed a chapter on 'Salpingoscopy And Fallopioscopy In Tubal Evaluation' in a book published by Dr. Kamini Rao
  • Has contributed a chapter in FOGSI Focus on DUB- "Pre-Op Preparation Of Endometrium Before Thermal Ablation" in 2006
  • Has contributed a chapter in FOGSI publication on 'Role Of Hysteroscopy In Congenital Uterine Anomalies' published in Sept 2006
  • Has sent case reports for publication in 'Fertility And Sterility' on 'Laparoscopic Management Of Twisted Adenexa' and Hysteroscopic Metroplasty in Unicornuate Uterus To Improve Reproductive Outcome' (Under Consideration)
  • Has contributed a chapter on 'Submucous Myoma' in a book to be published by Dr. Gautam Allahbadia
  • Has published a book titled 'Endoscopy Simplified: Practical Tips By Experts' in 2008
  • Has published an article on "Difficulties In Laparoscopic Myomectomy" in FOGSI – Focus 2008
  • Has written a book on 'Letrozole: A New Era In Ovulation Induction' in 2009 (4 volumes)
  • Has contributed an article on 'Detorsion And Conservative Therapy For Twisted Adnexa' in Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy And Surgery, Jan 2009
  • Has written a book 'Optimizing IUI Results – A Guide To Gynecologists' along with international contributors, published by Jaypee Publication released in Dec 2009 in an international conference
  • Published four workbooks on Hysteroscopy, IUI, LSCS & Normal Labour in POGS Conference in April 2011
  • Edited Quarterly News Bulletin of IAGE in April 2011
  • Contributed a chapter on "Making Laparoscopic Myomectomy Safe" in the book Safe & Effective – Gynaecological Endoscopy & Minimal Access Surgery"
  • Contributed a chapter on "The New Bipolar technology of Versapoint" in the textbook of Hysteroscopy published in 2011 by Dr. Nandita Palshetkar
  • Contributed a chapter on "Fibroids Uterus and Infertility" in FOGSI Focus in Feb 2012
  • Has contributed a chapter "Complications in Endoscopic Surgery" in post-graduate OBGY textbook yet to be published by FOGSI
  • Was invited to write review articles in indexed journal of Reproductive Medicine:

           1) Pre-implantable genetic diagnosis/Pre-implantable genetic Screening – Current                       Concepts, in 2011

           2) Congenital Malformations and Assisted Reproductive Technique – Where is                                 Assisted Reproductive Technique taking us? in 2012

  • Has contributed a chapter ' Supportive drugs used in the first trimester' in the FOGSI book 'A practical Guide to First Trimester in Pregnancy' in 2012
  • Contributed a chapter "Obstetric outcome following ART" in "Textbook of Infertility" by Dr. Kamini Rao
  • Written a review article on 'Obstetric Outcomes of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome who have undergone assisted reproduction' in the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences in 2014
  • Writing a textbook on infertility "Art and Science of ART" to be published in 2014
  • Publishing second edition of 'Endoscopy Simplified: Practical Tips By Experts' in 2014 in collaboration with several international experts in endoscopy
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