Dr. Devika Chopra

Dr. Devika Chopra

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Dr Devika Vikram Chopra

MBBS, DND (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Msc (Clinical Embryology), 1 year fellowship in Reproductive Medicine


Dr Devika Chopra completed her MBBS from Grant Medical College, Mumbai in 2008. Thereafter she pursued a DNB degree in Ob/Gyn at Bhatia Hospital. Her interest in infertility management prompted her to pursue a one year fellowship MSc course in embryology at Oxford University, UK. After gaining insight into the laboratory aspects of IVF, she wanted to master the clinical side of infertility management. She therefore, joined a one year fellowship in Reproductive medicine at Ruby hall Clinic, which is reknown for its state of the art infertility management, high risk obstetrics and infertility endoscopy. Her future plans include giving the MRCOG part 2 in 2015.

Dr Devika has presented many papers at national/ international conferences and has won a gold medal for her presentation on “risk of Malignancy Index in ovarian masses’ at the AMWI south east asia conference. She halso has several publications to her credit and has a keen interest in academeic research. She is sure that at the end of her fellowship she will not only be be a well read infertility clinician, but also be an all round

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