Academic Achievements and Awards:

Academic Achievements and Awards:

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  • Received Masters Award for excellence in the field of Infertility, Endoscopy and Teaching by IMAGES for the year 2011 in September, at Kochin
  • Conferred upon with Sarvashree” award & Gold Medal, in recognition of her outstanding achievement in the field of IVF & Endoscopy since 20 years, for unstinted support to and active involvement in public causes & adherence to highest ethical standards
  • Awarded Gold Medal twice from Chairman of Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. K. B. Grant for her hard work, dedication & excellence in her field.
  • Presented a paper on ‘Laproscopic Hysterectomy-Our Experience’ in annual meeting of Pune Ob\Gy Society in 1998. Received a best paper award for the same
  • Conducting Endoscopic Training courses regularly since last 10 years and trained gynecologists from South Asian countries as well
  • Conducting FOGSI Recognized Infertility Training Courses regularly
  • Conducting IAGE recognized Endoscopy 6 weeks fellowship (FIAGE)
  • Conducting 6 monthly training programme for post DGO/ MD/ DNB in Endoscopy/ Infertility (Paid Observer Post)
  • Innovated new technique for “Laparoscopic Tubo-Tubal Anastomosis at Isthmic End"
  • "Endo-Surge 2003” organized by IAGE and received best video award at International conference of Gynae-Endoscopist at Malaysia in April 2004
  • Received Best Innovative Surgery prize for the video on ‘Metroplasty In Unicornuate Uterus With Versapoint’ in Yuva FOGSI 2005
  • Received best paper prize for the paper on ‘Metroplasty In Unicornuate Uterus with Versapoint’ in POGS annual conference in Nov 2006
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine has kept the video on ‘Laparoscopic Management Of Twisted Adnexa’ in their video library for educational purpose
  • Ruby Hall Infertility Centre has a Two-Year post MD/ DNB course on ‘Fellowship In Reproductive Medicine’
  • Only center in India recognized for the ‘International Fellowship Of Institute Of Reproductive Medicine And Endoscopic Surgery (IRMES)’
  • Conducting ICOG recognized fellowship courses of 6 months in:
    • Gyne Endoscopy
    • Reproductive Medicine
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